A Slice of France in Southern California

Discover our Tarte Flambée, a traditional flatbread from Alsace, made with love in Southern California.

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The magic of France, one Tarte Flambée at a time.

Authentic Tarte Flambée

A Taste of Alsace in California

We craft these Alsatian specialties with a focus on fresh, flavorful ingredients, bringing a taste of French tradition to SoCal.

Imagine a thin, crispy crust covered with crème fraîche and thinly sliced onions. Top it with classic combos like bacon and Gruyère cheese. Every bite is a delicious journey to the heart of Alsace.

Come discover the magic of Alsatian flavors at La Flamme Française.

For Every Palate

Explore Our Diverse Tarte Flambée Varieties

Dive into the heart of Alsatian cuisine with our diverse menu of Tarte Flambée, each offering a unique twist on this classic dish.

From the savory depth of the Traditionnelle Gratinée with its rich layers of crème fraîche, bacon, onion, and cheese, to the bold and spicy Chorizo Jalapeño, featuring a fiery blend of... (you guessed it!) chorizo and jalapeño, there's a Tarte Flambée to satisfy every palate.

Our L'ail adds a punch of garlic for those who crave a bit more zest, while the Forestière brings the earthy tones of mushrooms to the forefront.

Not to be overlooked, both La Végétarienne and L'Aubergine offers vibrant, vegetable-packed options for our non-meat-eating friends.

Priced accessibly and crafted with the finest ingredients, each Tarte Flambée invites you to savor the authentic flavors of Alsace right here in Southern California. Join us to explore these delicious variations and find your new favorite.

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Fresh Quiches and Salads

Or try La Flamme's Quiches and Salads

Embark on a delicious journey of discovery with our quiches and salads, crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients and a passion for flavor.

Immerse yourself in the timeless magic of our Quiche Lorraine, where savory bacon and melty cheese create a familiar and satisfying bite.

Dive into the Mediterranean with our classic Salad Niçoise, a delightful medley of tuna, avocado, egg, radish, cucumber olives, and mixed greens, all topped with our signature vinaigrette. Savor the perfect balance of textures and flavors in every bite.

For a touch of culinary adventure, ask us about our Quiche du Jour. Featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients and our creative whims, you'll find a delightful surprise each visit.

Come back often to experience the ever-evolving taste of La Flamme!


Beyond delicious... it's French.

Our Story

The Flamme Within

About The Owners

Tracy Santoni grew up in San Diego before moving to France in 2014. While riding her motorcycle around Northern France, she tasted Tarte Flambée for the first time in Strasbourg. It was so delicious that she asked herself why it was virtually unknown in the USA, despite its popularity in France.

When she ended up moving back home, she and Dominique, her French chef husband, decided to introduce Tarte Flambée to Southern California. La Flamme Française was born!

Proving that French cuisine doesn't have to be complicated or expensive, La Flamme Française is delivering French fast food to America. Stop in and try our signature Tarte Flambée, a flatbread that is wildly popular in Northern France. Consisting of a crispy crust topped with a light cream sauce, onion, cheese and bacon, it will delight your palate. Vegetarian options are available, and all are served with a side salad. Other offerings include Classic quiches and the keto and paleo friendly Niçoise salad. All is hand made.

Come back often to experience the ever-evolving taste of La Flamme!

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What People Say

  • Food is so good! We're usually picky eaters but decided to try their food out and it exceeded expectations. Will definitely come again!

    V. H.
  • Best pizza in San Diego. Tracy and Dominique are absolutely amazing and I am so excited to go here for date night. If you get the chance, it is worth every penny!

    D. C.
  • The owner is a Genius for bringing this delicious French cuisine to San Diego!!
    We have the Traditional and it was so light cheesy and just melts in your mouth! [...]

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